Angela O. Goodridge

Angela O. Goodridge
Owner & Instructor
Good Nursing & Medical Training LLC

Good Nursing and Medical Training is an approved state licensed Health Career Training School located in Norcross, Georgia. We provide students with the knowledge, skills training and experiences that would lead to success in the industry of healthcare. We care about our students, the clients, residents and patients that they will eventually serve.

Therefore we stand by our motto “Let’s help You Do It Right“. With gold standards of Excellence in Patient Care, Respect, Competence and Professionalism, we want nothing but the best for our students and the people that they will serve.

Good Nursing and Medical Training was founded by Registered Nurse Angela Goodridge in 2013 and it has sustained successful passing rates since then. Our team is comprised of Registered Nurses, License Practical Nurses and other experts in the healthcare field. Our students are satisfied with the services offered and that is reflected in their testimonials and reviews. We look forward to your success.

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